Sanaye Chasb Sina was established in 1991 with the aim of developing and marketing of adhesives. Our efforts have been concentrated on creating technologically advanced products.
Innovation, quality, service and experience are our main features and the guidelines for our human resource.
Our size and structure enable us to meet the requirements of our customers, by:

  • Manufacturing of industrial adhesives including liquid solvent/water based and sprayable adhesives for various applications areas like Shoes/Leather, Bags/Suitcases, Furniture/Upholstery, Floor covering, Packing, Construction/House repair, Woodworking/Plasterwork, Bookbinding and General purposes.
  • Converting of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes including PVC/Rayon tapes for insulating and electrical purposes, BOPP solvent/water based acrylic adhesive tapes for general purpose, light/heavy duty packaging and Crepe Paper Masking tapes for interior paint masking, light duty packaging and general purposes.
  • Supplying of Printed BOPP solvent based acrylic adhesive tapes for packaging purposes (printed designs are provided as per customer’s requirements).

Sina, Iran, Charogh, Keyhan and Tiger are the registered trademarks of Sanaye Chasb Sina Company.